The Mission of The Elected Officials to Protect America’s Public Lands

This Mission —

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy America’s natural wonders.

We are committed to preserving and protecting America’s public lands — by doing so we are continuing our mission to preserve and protect our nation.

We aim to safeguard our public lands and protect watersheds and groundwater to keep our parks vibrant for future generations.

Our Story —

We are a non-partisan non-profit coalition of veterans who were also elected to the legislature. After his service in the Marines, Alex Cornell du Houx was elected to the Maine State Legislature and had the opportunity to pass legislation to allow all veterans to visit our state parks free of charge.

In the process, he heard many stories about how being able to relax and enjoy our public lands with family and friends was a huge service after coming off orders and how the tradition continued after transitioning into the civilian world.

When he heard the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which supports our national parks, national forests, monuments, wildlife refuges, and over 40,000 state and local park projects across our nation, was in danger of not being funded, he founded Elected Officials to Protect our Public Lands.

Our Accomplishments —

At the Paris Climate Accord, we organized 350 state and local lawmakers from 46 states. They enthusiastically signed our letter to support clean energy policy. At the conference, we also held international press conferences and hosted panels. Our work earned the public praise of Bill McKibben (Co-founder of

In New York State, Elected Officials to Protect New York organized nearly 1,000 local officials from all 62 counties to successfully prevented fracking statewide. 

Operation Free, in partnership with The Truman National Security Project, organized elected officials and military veterans in more than 20 states. One program of the campaign had veterans traveling around America on the Operation Free bus promoting clean energy for our national security. The overall campaign leveraged $9 million in advertising, and won the Reed Award for the best national Public Affairs Campaign and is still going today.

Code Blue also documents solutions that states are developing to highlight water-security issues and combat climate change. The Department of State-funded our first short video, which had 20,000 views in two weeks after débuting: The second video on the government of Saudi Arabia buying land for water rights is currently in post-production. Most people are unaware that 40 out of 50 U.S. states expect water shortages in 10 years, according to the Government Accountability Office. See: Internationally, the United Nations has identified 37 acute conflicts in the last 50 years caused by tensions over trans-boundary water rights.

Co-Founders —

Alex Cornell du Houx was elected to the Maine State Legislature and served on the Energy Utilities and Technology and Veterans and Legal Affairs committees. He won the REED award for the best national Public Affairs Campaign for his work founding Operation Free, a coalition of veterans combating climate change. Alex participated in and led State Department delegations to Southeast Asia to foster government-to-government relations, is a Huffington Post blogger, a Kentucky Colonel, a senior advisor to the Veterans Campaign, a member of the Global Advisory Council for the American Veteran’s Committee, Partner with the Truman National Security Project and founded the Maine New Leaders Council.

His value-based communications trainings are requested worldwide. He served in the Marine Corps infantry for seven years, is currently a Public Affairs Officer with the Navy Reserve and consults for businesses, nonprofits, elected officials, and candidates as with Dirigo Consulting. He is also a board member with the nonprofits the Solon Center for Research and Publishing and founded the non-profit Code Blue – Water Security Conflicts and Solutions to educate lawmakers, the media and public on the power storytelling to combat climate change through visual value-based communications.

Dominic Frongillo founded Elected Officials to Protect New York, a bipartisan initiative uniting and coordinating over 850 local elected officials to fight high-volume hydro-fracking and to achieve New York’s renewable energy goal of 50 percent by 2050.

Former Councilor and Deputy Town Supervisor of Caroline, New York, he is also a five-time delegate to the United Nations climate negotiations and conducts trainings for the Young Elected Officials Network and Front Line Leaders Academy.